Building A Man-O-War

My Diary of building the Dutch Warship "Friesland". This is a compilation of my trials and tribulations and maybe some useful tips/tricks.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Galleries start to be added.

Well, after taking some well deserved time off, I have started on the gallery section. This has proved to be more difficult than it looks. The bends in the planks and the gallery walls are near impossible. I wish I had bent the gallery walls prior to gluing the backing on them. I had to trim some of the roof and floor off so the twist would not be as severe. Then came the tile area above. The provided wood blocks that were supplied were not long enough so i had to cut an angle off of one end and then glue it back onto the other end.I sat it atop the roof and lined it up with the stern wall and cut the excess off and glued it to the other end. This made the block long enough and just had to be shaped, thank goodness for Dremel products.I did some damage to my first planking on the port side while trying to pin down the border lining on the tile block. this will have to be repaired real soon.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

All Decks installed

Well I know it has been awhile since I have posted, but it was the holidays, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. I have installed all the decks now. I have gotten a basic deck planking installed. I have one more grate to go before I can move on. The sides of the deck planking where they meet the bulwark are not as even as I would have hoped for, however, they will be covered when I plank the inside of the Bulwark and apply the strake to the deck. I realize now that I should have waited on applying the Tung Oil to the Main deck, it does collect debris and it shows. I have to constantly dust it and brush all debris away. I might even have to apply an additional coat after the other decks are done. The grating is not as easy as it looks. Check to make sure that the holes in the false decks are perfectly rectangular and that the corners are 90 degrees, otherwise the grating looks funny, Trust me I can see it. I know I am getting close to applying the final planking to the outside, but I must now do a first application to the stern area. I need to apply the cabin windows and the inital decorations and green planking. Looking at the model now, it looks a little raw, but I believe it will start to come together soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Starting the upper decks

Well, I have now installed the fo'clse. I have done the deck planking and am waiting to sand it and add the grating till I get the decking onto the quarterdeck. This is where you start to see if your first deck planking on the hull matches your deck positions. I found that the planking is actually diverging from the plan. I will have to apply pressure inwards to keep the gentle inwards incline on the bulwark. I am now going to deck plank the quarterdeck and then apply the grating and the ladders. After that then it will get a very good sanding and then the first coat of Tung Oil. To install the quarterdeck, I cut the false deck into 2 parts lengthwise, as it will not install in one piece. The bulwark narrow too much as they come upwards. This did not allow the deck to be installed easily, so instead of risking breaking the deck, I just sliced it lengthwise. Be very careful that you re-align the deck because you could cause it to have a sort of hump affect since it is at the apex of the deck curvature. Also, insure that the mast holes line up correctly. I do have a question at this point. The holes for the grating and the ladders crosses the deck beams that support the upper decks. On the fo'clse I cut these out of the way as they would interfere with the grating. The question I have is that the plans do not mention this so, what should I have done? I am guessing that I should cut them as they are not seen in any of the many pictures I have seen of the model or any real life Dutch ships from this period. Does anyone have any comments? I am going to cut them from the quarterdeck too. Also, I recommend that you check the stantions that hold up these deck beams and make sure they are firmly glued to the deck as when you cut these beams, the pressure from the bending of the deck beams will cause them to rise. This will give you a horrendous deck curvature if you leave it like it is. I used superglue to glue these down to insure they stay down. I am hoping this will hold over the years.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

First coat of Tung Oil is drying

I have just completed the first coat of Tung Oil on the Main deck. So far I am really impressed. The Oil really brings out the wood colors along with the grain. I have been convinced now of the power of Tung oil. I will always use it from now on. It brings out the browns. However, be warned it does bring out the gaps in your planking. It shadows them and they really get noticeable. Also, it does show where you used CA glue (super glue). I will have to sand those few areas again to loosen the CA glue so that I can get an even coat. I glues down the hidden gun carriages. I have to decide how to simulate the gun rigging for the guns that will show before I glue them down. The oil seems to be absorbed quickly by the wood planks. However, I will allow at least another 24 hours before I apply the next coat.I have mounted the capstan. I handmade the capstan poles out of scrap. My first attempt and it looks good to me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

decking being finished!

Sorry, no photos this round. I am in the process of outlining the deck planks on the main deck. I am using a soft number 2 pencil. It seems very dark. I am also gluing to the deck the hidden gun carriages and the capstan. I have also glued down the anchor cable posts. As soon as I finish this I will be using Tung Oil on the decking and the inner bulwark planking.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

First planking complete!!!

Well, first layer planking is complete!!!! I have trimmed the upper level planking to the proper shape. Please be careful and not shave off to much or you'll be reapplying it. To get the correct form, i traced them out from the life size drawing and transferred this to the planking and then just trimmed it. I will now finish the walnut planking of the exposed inner bulwark. Then I will be adding the hidden gun carraiges and add the decks.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Main deck gun ports

I have now started the first planking above the lower gun deck. This is the main deck gun ports. I have also finished in between the gun port decks. The forward most main deck gun port has to have the 2 flanges cut off as it will not fit in between the frames 2 and 3. this then made it fit quite snuggly between the frames. The middle gun ports next to frames 6 thru 9 were challenging because the frame extension that extends abov the deck have to be cut off. You must trace the outline of the gun port on the inner side of the planking. Then you must cut the gun port out. DO NOT GLUE THE PLANKING TO THESE FRAMES. Only use nails/pins for this. you must use one plank above the top of these frames to complete the gulwark. The gun port is just as high as the frames 6 thru 8, thus requiring another plank.

Planking continues III

Well, the lower first planking is complete. I still have to sand and finish the preperation for the final planking. The bow was more difficult than it looks. The low quality planking material split and warped when curved around the bow. I did soak the wood first which did make it more bendable, just didnt solve the splitting. I have to finish the rough sanding and then I have to do a complete fine grain sanding.